St. Augustine’s Scout started:

13th February 2013 Scout reopened:

The intensity of the excitement mounted as each of the boys came through the Scout Hut doors in Udy Street for the first meeting there in 10 years. Most that had been waiting for some months were wearing crisp new Scout Shirts, whilst others whom came up directly from Cubs were proudly emblazoned with the Cub badges that they had worked hard for.

St Augustines First Night

An opening ceremony is short at Scouts, but Wednesday’s was a little longer as three of the oldest boys were invested on the spot: Todd Wellwood, Jet Zawada, and Atom Ashley. Each child received a handmade scarf and woggle, before making their promises to God, the Queen, and to help other people.
With the troop’s first camp in mind (the popular regional Scout Camp at Brookfield 1st-3rd March), poles, pegs, and canvas were carried out side and onto the edge of Petone Recreational Ground, which was just calming down from a peak of sporting frenzy. The thwack of cricket ball on bat was replaced by the tap tap of metal mallets on steal pegs, as young Scouts competed with each other over whom was going to bang the next peg in.

As the tent went up, down, and up again outside, parent’s returned to the hut early to plan their fundraising activities for the Jamboree “adventure plus” camp at the end of the year. However the Scout’s first fundraising will not be for themselves, instead it will be for Plunkets – a charity for the wellbeing of Children under 5 – whom have an appeal week 4-10 March.

The meeting closed with flag down to the singing of Taps; “Day is done, gone the sun, from the sea,…., safely rest, God is nigh” and a welcome from the world wide brother hood of Scouts for: Will, Todd, Sammy, Sam, Rowan, Qynn, Pablo, Osbourne, Liam, Kurt, Jet, Jackson, Christian, Bradley, Blake, and Atom.