This evenings Scout meeting was all about rope work, practical rope skills, but with a purpose – to design and build a patrol catapult.

It did not take long for the boys to get going with wooden staves outside. However with the fading light, the challenge grew as the evening went one. DSC01042DSC01041

Early testing.


DSC01046The competition begins. Launch away.

A couple of prototypes brought by Atom as examples of what might be built.DSC01039

Bike The Trail

The whole of St. Augustine’s group: Cubs, Scouts, parents, and Leaders took part in bike the trail, following the Hutt Valley River as it gently meanders its way towards Wellington Harbor. The gentleness of the ever descending route, made the ride ideal for the younger riders, and those whom have not sat upon a saddle for a number of years.


Starting from Harcourt – Upper Hutt.

There is a certain excitement upon taking part in an activity with a body of other people, and the Cubs and Scouts could be seen to take on a friendly rivalry with themselves and others partaking that spurred them on to put in a greater effort than they might have otherwise do so.

The Hutt City Council ran the whole event, and organized the registration, start and finish, as well as transport of bikes and cyclists back up the valley to collect their cars.

All in all a great annual event, that even a little drizzle at the end could not put the dampers on.

Regional Camp

Brookfield’s – what a great camp. The weather was stunning, the boys was were marvelous, and the activities varied and exciting.

DSC00876For the leaders, it was our first time taking the boys out, and the equipment to. The equipment had all been pre-checked by the leaders, and one tent put up by the Scouts, so that it was no longer a mystery when they were set up upon the Orchard site at Brookfields.

On Saturday the boys were free to make their own decisions about what activities to partake in. We were surprised how popular helping on St. Augustine’s stand was, but we should never underestimate the enjoyment taken from the chance to squirt and dowse other with water.

Wheel of Fortune

Some of the activities were: canoing, archery, assailing, go-cart building, penny stoves, and many more – including making as big a splash as possible!

Pool Jump

After sun down, the usual skits and sing-along-songs of the campfire were added to by a fire-spinning-phantasmagoria that caused a wow.

Camp fire

Being a regional Scout-camp, there were some 300 Scouts there, and on the last day was the “Brookfields Battle” which found 150 Scouts lined up on one side of a field, and another 150 on the other, all armed with paper sword, shields, and flower bombs. The shields and swords were pre-prepared at Scouts the previous week. Some of the boys enjoyed making their equipment so much that they took them home to refine before the weekend.Ready for war

Here they all are – ready for battle.

Thick of warBattleing on the field

In the thick of it……….

Flour BombsLoving it

A battle yes, but what a lot of fun it is too.

Close Combat

Close combat


Brookfields Badge Logo


Scouting Air New Zealand Video

This morning Air New Zealand released a behind the scenes video featuring our Scouts. Check it out by clicking here.

TV and press media all over the world have picked up on the video including breakfast TV coverage here last week. Feedback from our movement and the public both in New Zealand and overseas has been fantastic.



Plunket fundraising

Plunket-logo This week was Plunket’s national fund raising week, which the Scouts of St. Augustines took part with this Wednesday evening with full gusto.

The boys took up their role as street collectors with a serious manner, gaining “complements for their politeness” when making calls. Every donation was warmly appreciated by the boys, however what the kind donor did not see – and I wish the could – was the frisson and joy in there faces which each donation brought, as they burst out onto pavements, to tell each other of every success.

It was only time and the onset of twilight with the setting of the sun that brought and end to collecting as their enthusiasm had not wained.


Well done – Full collection bags for Plunket


Plunket are community charity for with a mission to provide the best start possible for every child.