Scouts experience Petone’s rifle range

Part of being a Scout is having new experiences, and there can not be an experience as different to rambunctious and prank-full youngsters as the cold steal discipline surrounding safely firing a real gun. Its where they can learn respect, the type of respect that only a real proximity to – controlled – danger can imbue.


St. Augustines Scouts were very fortunate to be invited along to a local and well tucked away range at the far end of Jackson Street in Petone. The range is indoor and 25 yards (aprox 23 meters) and the targets at the far end seemed minuscule.

targetsAs mentioned before the key to learning about guns is safety, which the boys took on board, through their thorough and clear instruction.

DSC01554The help from instructors and Scout parents was very much appreciated for the night, keeping the supervision ratios high.

taking aimTake aim and fire!

down a barrel

straight down the barrel of a gun.

Surprisingly spent cartridge, became as valuable as gold to the Scouts afterwards, as they exchanged them and their shooting experiences afterwards, whilst waiting for the scores. the gun

rifle scores

Well done to Liam the sharp shooter of the night, whom out shot the adults, the leaders, and his fellow Scouts.Champion of the night