Brookfield Kea Camp/Sleep Over

Sixty Keas flocked to the district Kea Sleep Over from the many different groups in Lower Hutt.


Joining hangs, the young Keas tugged and pulled a little an expanded outwards to create a prefect sized horse shoe ready for the opening ceremony, flag break and instructions for the days events.

Because of the threat of bad weather on Sunday, the canoeing was brought forwards.


Excited faces turned and listened to the canoeing instructors directions, being for most their first time, just sitting in the canoe on land was exciting, and built up their expectations for the real thing.DSC02144After a final life jacket safety check, the Kea’s became quacking ducks and bobbed off onto the water.



What is keeping all the Kea’s head down?
Badges. The Kea’s are all very intent on designing their own badge. Badges for camps are a big tradition in Scouting, as they act as little mementoes, and can be sown onto camp blankets to build up a personal history to be remember fondly through time.

DSC02148Mega catapults – that are so mega attractive that a few of the leaders have to check them out for robustness, accuracy, and any other excuse that comes to mind.

Cubs on Petone Beach Dig

Tuesday night Cubs got a digging on their annual Petone Beach dig evening.20140311_192722_resized




Spades out.

Where the buried treasure?



A really big thanks, goes to the big Scouts that gave a big help to the not yet so big cubs.
The Scouts come from St. James Sea Scouts. and are working towards their Queens Scout Award.



St. Augustines leaders got a digging too, looks like they were all having a great time.

1st Kea’s invested

Kea’s to be and some of their visiting friends are expectant as the piles of badges, before them sit all ready for the investiture ceremony later.DSC02101


 Kea Promise: “I will try to share my fun and help others”


Next a scarf is presented


And the first happy proud Kea’s join St. Augustines Kea Club


Now for some badges

9 Keas were invested in total, with more on the way. What a great start to the new Kea Club,