National Cub Day Brookfields

 National Cub Day “Jungle Magic”DSC04030
Cubs had a Jungle Fever time with Jungle heat radiating down on them from clear skies. What luck and what better than to get wet.

DSC04033 DSC04031And get wet they did, if the Cub or Kea stumbled with their promiss or law on the St. Augustine sping the wheel of fortune base. As leader’s, were well armed with water guns.


“The Volcano” racing around the volcano, go the cubs, whilst it erupts sopping wet sponges.

DSC04034To the right, swinging what looks like fire round and round.

Scouts go fishing – Petone Wharf


The Scouts were blessed with good weather, although a bit balmy, being well prepared with wind proofs certainly helped.

Whilst some went fishing, a few took out a potato cannon. Ready,


Aim, fire ……..DSC04017


Bag, Woosh, Wow, where did that potato go?    Somes Island?
Perhaps we can bop a whale with this.

Fishing was fun too, lots of bate, and high hopes.

All for one, one for all. DSC04020

The three fishermen salute.

Kea’s biking at Avalon Park

RoadSafetyKeaThis Thursday the Kea Club met to learn about bikes and bike safety, in the carefree environment of Avalon park.

DSC04021What should you wear on your head? What do you need at night to ride? Which side of the road do you ride?

DSC04028 DSC04027

Now it time to play follow the “leader”, but where is he?DSC04026

Not here.DSC04025

Finally, we have caught up with him.


Group Camp – Scouts Own

On Sunday morning the whole St. Augustine group took 15min off for quite, contemplation, reflections,S1740013

Held in the special open air service area surrounded by trees, nestled by natureS1740006

And then the fun nature of the Keas, Cubs, Scout, bursts out again
but where was Glen? We all missed him.

Here doing duty, seeing off some early departures.


LNI Camp 2015

                                         * LNI Brookfield Scout Camp opening
                                         * A day of fun games,
                                         * The big Battle of Brookfield.


Pablo proudly carrying the giant St. Augustine flag with Renee.



Back at camp, the magic discovery of the nature found all around us.

DSC03998 DSC04001

The day of fun and games to begin with a few friendly bumps.
DSC04002 DSC04003 DSC04004 DSC04005 DSC04006

–> Good Night <–



–> Good Morning <–

Just what party are these girl ready for?S1760005
A battle party.
Marching and yelling tother “Augi, Augi, Augi” to enjoin the blues to victory on the battle field.

Here are the blues,S1760012
but where are the reds?

Run away perhaps?S1760019
Who would stay and stand against this battle crew?S1760020

Keas visit McKenzie swimming pool


Keas exploring the bottom of the splash pool, hunting for…DSC03900 DSC03898

 Lobster monsters and Starfish

Anyone seen a starfish around here?

DSC03895 DSC03894

Before the swim, the Keas were privileged to a tour of the inner workings of McKenzie pool, where they learnt about water filtration.

DSC03884 DSC03882 DSC03881 DSC03880 DSC03878DSC03879 

Learning about life jackets and how to keep safe, floating buoyant and kicking hard.  DSC03889 DSC03891 DSC03886

Huddle to keep warm

Just having fun!DSC03896