Kea night hike to Petone Beach

Kea’s from St. Augustines discovered how different their local surrounds are at night. They set off excitedly extending out behind Kea leader Gavin, with their torch lights waving frantically at each other and over the expanse of Petone Rec. Escorted by parents, and bring up the rear Stephen and Chris were the red tail-lights of the Kea train.


At the beach Kea’s called out landmarks such as Somes island and Petone Wharf. Some recognised the flashing light house lights far away on the horizons that keep ships safe in storms and guide them home to port.DSC04329Thanks to all the parents that help with the Kea night hike to Petone Beach.

Back at the den, there was still enough time to take a look at the results of the grass growing project.

 DSC04331DSC04332 DSC04333 DSC04334

We Won! Lower Hutt Cub Modelling Day/Competition

Congratulations goes to St. Augustines Monday and Tuesday Cubs for their creative talents and for winning the 1st Place in the competition.

Note – last photo’s were taken 15 minutes before the end.

Lower Hutt Zone – Cub Modelling Day at Belmont Scout Hall

Cub Modelling Day - space station

Multi-moduled space station

Cubs in teams of six, where given plenty of materials and a them:

“Cubs in SPACE!”

Cub Modelling Day - everyone

Cubs sitting, getting prepared and listening to the competition instructions

Oh look what we found..Cub Modelling Day

Cub Modelling Day Looks shiny.Cub Modelling Day

Perhaps we can build a satellite?

Cub Modelling Day - satellite

Our satellite is almost ready to launch now 🙂


We built a space station




What do we have here?

Cub Modelling Day - space stationA space station of course!

Kea Zone Camp

Some 25 of us from St, Augustine’s attended the Zone Kea camp, made up of parents, leaders, and the Kea’s themselves. Some slept in Cabins, some in test, and one in a pop-up trailer. All had fun, and the weather, like the kids was outstanding. No flooding, no rain, and just enough sun to have fun.

DSC04269Our Kea’s were mixed up with Kea’s from other groups to encoring plenty of socialising.

DSC04271The St. Augustine’s leaders set up a significantly long “night-line”, which the Kea’s that visited our base first went around holding on to the rope as a guide. The ran, they laughed, and enjoyed the trail over bridges, along streams, and through the woods.



Once completed, it was around again for a second time, only this time a little different.


Blind folded!


DSC04259The accompanying parents gave their children instructions about the obstacles ahead, as a course that was easy turned into quite a challenge.DSC04260

The program for the second day was Scouts Own, Confidence course, and then a Kea hike high up into to the hills.


Running around the Confidence Course was trying, what with all the climbing, crawling, and hauling to be done.DSC04275

Good Balance was also needed, over the tipping log, and then up the hill to the balance bars.

DSC04277 DSC04274 DSC04273 DSC04272


Kea’s earned themselves two badges over the weekend, namely Keen Kea and Conservation Kea, both of which they will be awarded at their next regular Kea meeting. ConservationKea KeenKea


Conservation Kea badge encourages fascination with the wonders of nature. As part of the badge Kea’s planted seeds, above is a sunflower from the Zone Cub Camp that has germinated and just poked its green head out, causing much wonder in a young mind.

Pelorus Trust helping St.Aug Scouts

“Last week we received awesome news from Pelorus Trust that our Grant of $15,000 for new tents and GPS Locator was successful!!!!”
“This is great news for our growing group. This new equipment is what our leaders need to give the children an improved scouting experience.”
Stephen Keatley
Group Leader
St Augustines Scout Group – Petone”