Whakanui Track walk

It was early Sunday morning, the day was still young at 7:45am when a group of St. Augustine Scouts, Leaders, and parents left towards the Wainuiomata to start a substantial walk over the Rimutaka Forest Park on the Whakanui Track.

Buddies were chosen as the safety rules were emphasized just before the start of the tramp.DSC05129And off we all went into the glorious moist New Zealand bush, green ferns, lush leaves, along with water dripping, water flowing downwards, ever downwards…


as we tramped, and tramped for what seemed ever upwards 550m or so.   DSC05135DSC05133





Until we burst out at the very top to take in the vast view. Over the hills and far away, we could espy Lower Hutt.DSC05132Time for a selfie to prove I’m here mum!


After the snow came a magical rainbow out of the blue, with its red, orange, green and purple shining all so fresh and so new.

DSC05141 DSC05140

Then like the water it was time for us to descend, whilst we tried not to slip and slide, with the mud squelching under foot, to the bottom of the valley to listen to the gurgling Orongorongo River.

All along the root “Miss Positively Twiggy”, found ways of placing roots, twigs, and even branches on unsuspecting, and even some suspecting trampers, much to everyone’s amusement.

The last leg we were met with a surprise, when out of the bush popped Tui and Daryl, not wanting to completely miss out on the walk, delved into the Rimutaka Forest Park from the pickup point to meet us.


All done, a great 8hr walk complete,
everyone showing smiles to the parents
whom have kindly come to whisk us all home.


Lets also not forget the smartest tramper that we have ever met, with his pin-strip shirt, and his profundity of knowledge on Kiwi’s that enthralled and rooted us to the spot, as he explained how he and many other volunteers help protect Kiwis in the Kiwi Release zone that we cut through.

Scout Zone Winter Camp Winnings

“Hello Everyone,
I have just come from Scouts where our Scout patrol that was competing in the Lower Hutt Zone Winter Camp last weekend, has just been awarded First Equal with a patrol from Stokes Valley!!  They received their award from the Zone Scout Leader.
This is awesome news for our scout troop and group.  Last year they came second to last and to move to first this year s is a massive improvement and shows the dedication and hard work of our scouts and scout leaders.
I wish to say a massive BRAVO to the patrol who won:
                        Renee Heathcote
                        Dane Pearce
                        Todd Wellwood
                        Jackson Taylor
                        Michael Edmeades
                        Daniel Sziranyi
and Leaders Tui and Donna.  You have done St Augustines proud.
So between our cubs winning the Zone modelling competition early in the year and now our successful scout Patrol what can we do next!!
Yours in Scouting”
Stephen Keatley
Group Leader
St Augustines Scout Group – Petone