Kea chalk drawings

Mystery night

Some of the Keas whom are soon to be flying up to Cubs, had the great idea that as one of the fun activities for Mystery night, they wanted create chalk drawings on the halls floor.
DSC05226 DSC05227 DSC05222 DSC05223

The Kea’s showed themselves to be great artists already, just look at their imaginative creations patch worked across the den floor.DSC05227Another Mystery night activity was blind mans bluff, played here with paper cut out Kea wings.

DSC05224 DSC05225

CaringKeaAs part of her Caring Kea badge,  Theresa gave a short talk, about the endangered Red Squirrels that live in safety, from the invasive Grey Squirrels, on Brownsea Island in Dorset England. Brownsea Island is also the location of the very first Scout Camp run by Lord Baden-Powll. Here is Theres doing here research on the computer at home.DSC05220

Keas build rockets


Is it really possible that Kea’s could use their creative heads to build space rockets from all these cardboard boxesDSC05181

DSC05182 DSC05185

Seeing these box rockets that look like they could take off for the moon, they answer is most definitely yes Keas can transform common junk into multi stage interstellar vehicles given half a chance.

DSC05182DSC05186 DSC05190

We still don’t know the answer to just how the Kea’s build their rockets so high, perhaps they stood on each other shoulders, we don’t know, but they certainly impressed us.
DSC05195The girls worked together to make the lovely luna lander module.DSC05196