St. Augustines Troop started in 1916 and is the oldest remaining Scout Troop in Petone.

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In … the Scout section ceased but the Cubs carried on by themselves for 10 years until recently at the start of 2013 when the group has undergone a period of rapid rejuvenation starting with the reopening of Scouts, followed later on in the year with the starting of a second Cub pack. The success of that first year reopening Scouts was capped by their attendance at the NZ20 Jamboree.

This year the growth has continue with when  Kea’s opened their door for the very first time on Thursday 13th of February 2014.


Scout section of St. Augustines restarted on the 13th February 2013.St Augustines First Night

More history about Scouting in Petone can be found at Scouting in Petone’s First 100 Years

Early in 1916 the Rev. G. B. Stephenson formed a troop in connection with the St. Augustine Church, and about seventy boys immediately linked up. Joint Scoutmasters were appointed in the persons of the founder, Mr. A. A. T. Hope and Mr. R. Nelson. Mr. Les Andrews was First Aid Instructor; he left for active service after a few months, and was, unfortunately, killed in action. The Rev. G. B. Stephenson moved to Dannevirke, and Mr. Nelson proceeded overseas, in 1917, and Mr. Hope carried on the troop in a most efficient manner until 1920, when he resigned. For a time the Boy Scouts existence of the troop was in danger, until in fact Harry Reynolds (since Gone Up) appealed to Mr. Nelson, who had returned, to come into the game again. Harry was troop leader, and it is likely that his boyish and enthusiastic appeal saved the St. Augustine Troop. A strong committee was formed as a result of a public meeting, and so keen were some of the numbers that they were still on the committee as late as the present year— real stalwarts!

Throughout its history the membership of the troop has been undenominational, and although the Church has the ultimate responsibility, the complete control of activities has been carried out by the committee elected at the annual public meeting, and the Church has been pleased to see boys from all denominations linking up in the spirit of brotherhood. About 1926, the Petone Borough Council placed at the committee’s disposal a corner of the Recreation Ground, on which to erect a meeting place. With characteristic energy all concerned set to work, and the result was a hall some forty feet by sixty feet, which has been of valuable assistance.

For many years most of the trophies for annual competition among local troops passed into the St. Augustine’s care, and it is probable that upwards of a thousand boys have received the benefit of Scout training in the troop. Boys from the troop have filled many important places in Scouting, at one time the District Commissioner, District Cubmaster, District Secretary, District Rover Leader, and later, District Scoutmaster, were all from this one troop. Early in the present decade the award of the Medal of Merit was made to the troop, the same award being made to the First Lower Hutt Troop, so that the two troops shared the honour of being the first New Zealand troops to receive this award.

For years the Group has been unable to deal with all the applicants for membership and, in an effort to extend the benefit of membership to as many as possible, the Cub Pack and Scout Troop has been split into other Packs and Troops known as “Raukawa,” “Rewarewa,” “Te Puni,” and “Whare Pouri” respectively, still all under the same control and meeting in the same “den” at different times.