Pelorus Trust helping St.Aug Scouts

“Last week we received awesome news from Pelorus Trust that our Grant of $15,000 for new tents and GPS Locator was successful!!!!”
“This is great news for our growing group. This new equipment is what our leaders need to give the children an improved scouting experience.”
Stephen Keatley
Group Leader
St Augustines Scout Group – Petone”

Grocery raffle




The wining ticket was number 14  owed by Christian Stenhouse
Congratulations Christian!



Thanks to everyone whom bought tickets or contributed to this, the last fundraiser towards the Scout’s 2013 Jamboree.


Scouts build rafts and Freemasons drop in with…

St. Augustines Scouts have been busy fundraising and preparing for Jamboree through out the year, and tonight combine both aspects, with raft building and a visit from Petone’s Freemasons Lower Hutt Lodge in Petone.

DSC01719One of the activities on the up and coming shakedown camp in preparation for Jamboree is raft building. Scouts love to be prepared, and so this evening was spent learning the knotting skills and trying out designs for a successful raft.

DSC01701 DSC01702DSC01707





Clove hitches, triangular lashings, and square lashings were mastered as the boys helped each other out to complete their constructions. And no soon as complete, they just had to image they were setting off on some high sea adventure, all aboard, all aboard for “adventure plus” land.


No sooner that they set sail, it’s emergency, man overboard!

When whom should arrive, none other than Bob and Bob from the Lower Hutt Freemasons Lodge.


Christian and Rowan already new the Bob & Bob, as they had been to visit them and explained how the newly revived St. Augustines Scout Troop had started with a dream to attend New Zealand’s national Jamboree at the end of this year.DSC01716

This was an import return visit as Christian and Rowan were to be presented with very generous cheques amounting to $2300 by way of sponsorship to the Jamboree.



Thank you

Grand Grage Sale

The early morning rain did not dampen down St. Augustines first Jamboree fundraiser as the sun remained shining producing a rainbow of vivid yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, and indigo curving over Petone Rec and seemingly into our hall illuminating the phantasmagoria of jumble and home baking for sale – our pot of gold.

Garge sale cakes Continue reading