Kea chalk drawings

Mystery night

Some of the Keas whom are soon to be flying up to Cubs, had the great idea that as one of the fun activities for Mystery night, they wanted create chalk drawings on the halls floor.
DSC05226 DSC05227 DSC05222 DSC05223

The Kea’s showed themselves to be great artists already, just look at their imaginative creations patch worked across the den floor.DSC05227Another Mystery night activity was blind mans bluff, played here with paper cut out Kea wings.

DSC05224 DSC05225

CaringKeaAs part of her Caring Kea badge,  Theresa gave a short talk, about the endangered Red Squirrels that live in safety, from the invasive Grey Squirrels, on Brownsea Island in Dorset England. Brownsea Island is also the location of the very first Scout Camp run by Lord Baden-Powll. Here is Theres doing here research on the computer at home.DSC05220

Keas build rockets


Is it really possible that Kea’s could use their creative heads to build space rockets from all these cardboard boxesDSC05181

DSC05182 DSC05185

Seeing these box rockets that look like they could take off for the moon, they answer is most definitely yes Keas can transform common junk into multi stage interstellar vehicles given half a chance.

DSC05182DSC05186 DSC05190

We still don’t know the answer to just how the Kea’s build their rockets so high, perhaps they stood on each other shoulders, we don’t know, but they certainly impressed us.
DSC05195The girls worked together to make the lovely luna lander module.DSC05196

Kea night hike to Petone Beach

Kea’s from St. Augustines discovered how different their local surrounds are at night. They set off excitedly extending out behind Kea leader Gavin, with their torch lights waving frantically at each other and over the expanse of Petone Rec. Escorted by parents, and bring up the rear Stephen and Chris were the red tail-lights of the Kea train.


At the beach Kea’s called out landmarks such as Somes island and Petone Wharf. Some recognised the flashing light house lights far away on the horizons that keep ships safe in storms and guide them home to port.DSC04329Thanks to all the parents that help with the Kea night hike to Petone Beach.

Back at the den, there was still enough time to take a look at the results of the grass growing project.

 DSC04331DSC04332 DSC04333 DSC04334

Kea Zone Camp

Some 25 of us from St, Augustine’s attended the Zone Kea camp, made up of parents, leaders, and the Kea’s themselves. Some slept in Cabins, some in test, and one in a pop-up trailer. All had fun, and the weather, like the kids was outstanding. No flooding, no rain, and just enough sun to have fun.

DSC04269Our Kea’s were mixed up with Kea’s from other groups to encoring plenty of socialising.

DSC04271The St. Augustine’s leaders set up a significantly long “night-line”, which the Kea’s that visited our base first went around holding on to the rope as a guide. The ran, they laughed, and enjoyed the trail over bridges, along streams, and through the woods.



Once completed, it was around again for a second time, only this time a little different.


Blind folded!


DSC04259The accompanying parents gave their children instructions about the obstacles ahead, as a course that was easy turned into quite a challenge.DSC04260

The program for the second day was Scouts Own, Confidence course, and then a Kea hike high up into to the hills.


Running around the Confidence Course was trying, what with all the climbing, crawling, and hauling to be done.DSC04275

Good Balance was also needed, over the tipping log, and then up the hill to the balance bars.

DSC04277 DSC04274 DSC04273 DSC04272


Kea’s earned themselves two badges over the weekend, namely Keen Kea and Conservation Kea, both of which they will be awarded at their next regular Kea meeting. ConservationKea KeenKea


Conservation Kea badge encourages fascination with the wonders of nature. As part of the badge Kea’s planted seeds, above is a sunflower from the Zone Cub Camp that has germinated and just poked its green head out, causing much wonder in a young mind.

Kea’s biking at Avalon Park

RoadSafetyKeaThis Thursday the Kea Club met to learn about bikes and bike safety, in the carefree environment of Avalon park.

DSC04021What should you wear on your head? What do you need at night to ride? Which side of the road do you ride?

DSC04028 DSC04027

Now it time to play follow the “leader”, but where is he?DSC04026

Not here.DSC04025

Finally, we have caught up with him.


Group Camp – Scouts Own

On Sunday morning the whole St. Augustine group took 15min off for quite, contemplation, reflections,S1740013

Held in the special open air service area surrounded by trees, nestled by natureS1740006

And then the fun nature of the Keas, Cubs, Scout, bursts out again
but where was Glen? We all missed him.

Here doing duty, seeing off some early departures.


Keas visit McKenzie swimming pool


Keas exploring the bottom of the splash pool, hunting for…DSC03900 DSC03898

 Lobster monsters and Starfish

Anyone seen a starfish around here?

DSC03895 DSC03894

Before the swim, the Keas were privileged to a tour of the inner workings of McKenzie pool, where they learnt about water filtration.

DSC03884 DSC03882 DSC03881 DSC03880 DSC03878DSC03879 

Learning about life jackets and how to keep safe, floating buoyant and kicking hard.  DSC03889 DSC03891 DSC03886

Huddle to keep warm

Just having fun!DSC03896