Kea Club: Becoming a Kea

If you have a boy or girl that is interested in becoming a Kea, then the first step is to is to bring them along to some friendly fun meetings on Thursday 6:00pm to 7:00pm to try it out. Sometimes the Keas meet away from the hall, hence to arrange your child’s first meeting please contact:

Contact Thursday night Keas (age 6..7, school year 1..3)

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Link to all Kea Leaders

After your child has been coming to the Group a while they will be helped to pass their first Kea award, known as “The Kea Badge”.  To pass this badge, the must attend four meetings and we will help them learn:

  • Learn the Kea Promise
  • Learn the Kea Motto
  • Learn how to do the Scout Sign and Handshake
  • Learn the Kea Yell

Kea Promise:

I will try to share my fun and help others

Kea Motto:

I care, I share, I discover, I grow

Kea Yell:

[Leader] Give me a K
[Keas] K K K
[Leader] Give me an E
[Keas] E E E
[Leader] Give me an A
[Keas] A A A
[Leader] Give me a Kea
[Keas] Kea Kea Kea [Keas] I am a Kea
[Keas] Hooray [all jump in the air]