We Won! Lower Hutt Cub Modelling Day/Competition

Congratulations goes to St. Augustines Monday and Tuesday Cubs for their creative talents and for winning the 1st Place in the competition.

Note – last photo’s were taken 15 minutes before the end.

Lower Hutt Zone – Cub Modelling Day at Belmont Scout Hall

Cub Modelling Day - space station

Multi-moduled space station

Cubs in teams of six, where given plenty of materials and a them:

“Cubs in SPACE!”

Cub Modelling Day - everyone

Cubs sitting, getting prepared and listening to the competition instructions

Oh look what we found..Cub Modelling Day

Cub Modelling Day Looks shiny.Cub Modelling Day

Perhaps we can build a satellite?

Cub Modelling Day - satellite

Our satellite is almost ready to launch now 🙂


We built a space station




What do we have here?

Cub Modelling Day - space stationA space station of course!