Scout troop doubles

Rifel Shooting

Peton’s St. Augustine’s Scout troop is going great guns.

The troop, which had dwindled away a decode ago, has enjoyed a resurgence. Now it’s 18 strong.

Such is its growing popularity a second Cub group’s started up and a new Kea’s crew will open for the littlies next. year.

One of the driving forces behind the resurgence is Leader Donna Seddon. “I’m rapt, it’s exciting. I fully believe in Scouts, I work in a school and I can see this enriches their lives. There’s no time to teach these skills,” Donna says.

It’s basic old school stuff to build up self-reliance like cooking, bushcraft, archery, woodwork, how to use an axe, lighting a fire.

And fundraising $1200 each to send a dozen of their troop to join 4000 other scouts from around New Zealand and overseas at their Jamboree in Feilding over the Christmas holidays,

Right: The scouts having a go at rifle target shooting at Keene Range in Petone.

The Scouts deliver your Petone