23rd World Jamboree in Japan



One St. Augustine Scouts so far has expressed his enthusiasm to attend the 23rd World Jamboree, it would be great if he can have the company of another Scout from St. Augustine or Lower Hutt.

Japan might seem a long way to send our children, but in 2 years time they will all be that much older and that much more capable. I know first hand that the Japanese make extremely good hosts for visitors, the children whom go will be in for a treat. If any other Scout would like to go it will be good for them to know that they would be going along with at least one fluent Japaneses speaker whom would be able to help out with the language there.

It’s now just under 2 years until the 23rd World Scout Jamboree opens in Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City, in Japan.
Now is the time to start the planning in earnest, so that the New Zealand contingent is well prepared and as many SCOUTS from New Zealand as possible get the opportunity to participate in what is the world’s largest youth gathering.

About the Jamboree
The 23rd World Jamboree is being hosted by the Scout Association of Japan, and the Jamboree site is on reclaimed land on the coast of Yamaguchi City in Western Japan. This is only the second World Jamboree to be held on a coastal site. The site has just hosted the 30th APR/16th Nippon Jamboree by way of a practice for the big event in 2 years time.
The Jamboree programme will make best use of the coastal location, with water activities forming a part of the programme along with many other exciting activities. Another part of the programme will focus on World Peace, and with 2015 being the 70th Anniversary of the dropping of the atom bombs on Japan; there will be the chance to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
The Scout Association of Japan have indicated that there will be the opportunity for overseas contingents to take part in a Home Hospitality programme either before or after the Jamboree.

Who Can Attend?
Members of SCOUTS New Zealand are eligible to attend in various different ways, as set out below:

To attend the Jamboree as a participant, members must be aged between 14 & 17 at the opening of the Jamboree, that is, born between 27th July 1997 & 28th July 2001

International Service Team (IST)
The organisers of the Jamboree estimate that they will need 6000 IST staff members, and any active members who are aged 18 and over are eligible to be IST staff members.

Contingent Management Team (CMT)
The New Zealand Contingent will require a team to manage our participation in the Jamboree. The number of people we can include in the CMT will be dependent on the number of participants we take, but as a minimum, our CMT will consist of the Head of Contingent & a Deputy HoC.

Unit Leadership
At every World Jamboree the unit make up is always of 4 patrols of 9 participants and 4 adult leaders. The number of Unit Leaders we require will obviously be dependant upon the number of participants who attend the Jamboree. It is expected that the unit leadership teams will be mainly drawn from the Venturer Section.

What will it cost?
The Jamboree Fee has just been announced by the organisers, but this is obviously only one part of the cost of attending the Jamboree, and this far out, it’s not possible to get definitive air fares, but a best estimate at this stage would be that the likely cost of attending the jamboree as part of the New Zealand contingent will be around $6000.

Where to from here?
Expressions of Interest are invited right now from both adults and youth members alike. Adults are asked to please state what role or roles that they would be interested in applying for (IST, CMT or Unit Leadership).
Please make your applications via your Zone Leader initially. Zone Leaders will pass expressions of interest to their Regional Development Managers, who will in turn pass them on to me.

For more information please visit www.23wsj.jp

Steve Graham
New Zealand Contingent Leader
23rd World Scout Jamboree 2015