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The Venture Scout Unit is the section where all the development and experiences that have been learnt from Keas, right up to Scouts are put into action. It is the section and age where Scouting is full of “Adventure plus”.

Do you like fun new activities, learning new skills and meeting new people? Then action, challenges and adventure are waiting for you. Become a Venturer and let the adventure begin. As a Venturer you will choose your own program. If it interests you, you can do it. And remember if it’s not fun you aren’t doing it right.

You will also work towards your Queen’s Scout Award. Becoming a Queen’s Scout gives you the skills and confidence to achieve all of your goals in life. Because Queen’s Scouts are exceptional young people, this award can be very useful when looking to attend sponsored courses (for example, Outward Bound) and in finding work.

The Venturers programme is designed for youth aged 14 to 18.


Venturers meet Thursdays 7:00pm – 9:00pm